Introducing the MAMs:  The Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club

Nancy’s books feature the ladies of The Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club, also known as the MAMs. In their first adventure (Revelation in the Cave), they traveled to Greece and Turkey on an archeological dig. Now, they have completed a second journey in Revelation at the Labyrinth, (available October 17, 2017 from eLectio Publishing). In this book they develop a re-entry, recovery house for women. They are currently involved in a new adventure where they travel to Ireland for Revelation in the Roots: Emerald Isle (not yet complete!)

Read on for more about the women, their origins, and a link to their comments on over 40 books read by the MAMs Book Club, Springfield.


Abigail Wesley is a retired widow, a Quaker, and a Democrat.  She had a hip replacement, so she didn’t join the MAM’s archaeological expedition in search of Thecla, featured in Revelation in the Cave. Instead, she sent her granddaughter, Emily Turner, a recent college graduate.  Abigail studied with the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. In Revelation at the Labyrinth, she leads labyrinth walks. Look for her next adventure in Revelation in the Roots when she leads the MAMs on a trip to Ireland.

 Katharine Long is a married religion professor at Mainline College, a liberal arts college in Ohio.  She has a fairly conservative personality and is moderate politically.  She chose the book, In Search of Paul, that led to the MAMs adventure in Turkey.

 Jane Masters is a single retired businesswoman with a hobby of spelunking.  She’s a Republican millionaire, often treating the MAMs to retreats.  Her upbringing is Catholic and she is down-to-earth, a straight shooter who makes friends easily and gets along with most people.

Molly Mabra is the only African-American in the group, a Democrat who worked in city government.  She likes to write in her spare time.  Married with two sons, one of whom is served in the military in Iraq, she worried about him in Revelation in the Cave and his choice bothered her because she believes in nonviolence as a Christian and fan of Martin Luther King, Jr. In Revelation at the Labyrinth, Molly is the featured MAM as she battles breast cancer and starts a group home for women.

Priscilla Johnson is a single, prim administrative assistant, a Republican, Christian evangelical.  She lives a conservative lifestyle, with no drinking and likes to wear high heels. 

Sallie Quisenberry is a single, retired kindergarten teacher.  She is quite chubby and loves to laugh from her belly.  She spars with Jane a lot, and like Jane she rarely meets a stranger.  A beloved icon in her home town, Sallie belongs to the Church of the Brethren and is a college friend of Abigail.  She’s been somewhat unconcerned about politics, but calls herself a Democrat if asked. After her adventure in Revelation in the Cave, she became involved in a re-entry program, mentoring a woman in prison, Thomaseena, who becomes the first resident at the MAMs’ new project, an re-entry, recovery organic farm for women in Revelation at the Labyrinth.

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