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When their interest in ancient cave paintings leads them on an unexpected adventure, the women make a leap of faith, leaving their day-to-day lives behind, and travel to modern Turkey for an archaeological dig. They discover first century scrolls written by first century spiritual heroines.  As the group dodges bullets, a religious fanatic and obstructive government officials, the scrolls are translated. One by one they lead each of the women to illumination in their personal lives while revealing an engaging story that calls out the teachings of Jesus and the book of Revelation

What Readers are saying about Revelation in the Cave

“What a fun and engaging story with characters you’ve surely met before, or could any day, because they are so real and multidimensional; but they are on an adventure most of us cannot even imagine. The story has a little bit of everything–suspense, mystery, travel to exotic locals, and more. I enjoyed it immensely and hope volume 2 of the adventures of these book club ladies comes along sooner rather than later.”  Holly Wolfe, Reference Librarian, Springfield, Ohio

“Revelation in the Cave is a good read. It has mystery, history, romance, and a strong spiritual mood throughout. The author provides a wealth of historical and biblical information, and she explores the Book of Revelation, arguably the Bible’s most controversial component. But Flinchbaugh neither thumps the Bible nor pounds a fundamentalist pulpit; hers is an insightful, reasoned approach. Her characters are varied, well drawn, and engaging; the plot has sufficient twists and turns; the writing is sincere without becoming preachy or teachy. Buy this book. You’ll enjoy it.” –  Robert Headley, PhD, retired English Literature professor.

“Not only does Nancy Flinchbaugh do an amazing job in her research for her story but she creates a story line that bridges the past and the present in a most creative way.  As the story unfolds, the reader is drawn into the history, the intrigue, and the scholarship that makes you read on to learn more. The descriptions of the biblical sites and the archeological dig give credence to the parallel plots of historical St.Thecla and our present-day divided Christian community and country. Through the MAM’s we see, hear, and feel the universal struggle for personal spirituality, reconciliation, and understanding of the true Jesus Christ and His teachings.”   – Peggy Hanna, Catholic author from Urbana, Ohio

“It’s a little Indiana Jones, a little Clan of the Cave Bears, a little Amelia Peabody and all this to find a friend of Paul’s in Ephesus. A good portion of current politics and social problems complicate the mix.” – Judy Paden, retired accountant and artist, Lutheran from Springfield, Ohio

“If you are looking for a good summer read, that also references church history and theology (the Acts of Paul and Thecla and alternative readings of the book of Revelation feature prominently), check out Nancy Flinchbaugh‘s new book: Revelation in the Cave!”  – Hannah Heinzekehr, “The Femonite” Mennonite blogger

“What an amazing read! It kept me up at night! I loved the story, the characters, the setting, the plot! I love reading about the “lost voices” of women mostly from the creation of the Bible and most Christian narratives…I’ve read most of Kathleen McGowen’s books about Magdalene. This story is another piece of the puzzle. I’ve never gotten much out of Revelation, but this book helped by translating the mysteries into ‘lessons.’”  –  Gita Larson, Asheville Friends Meeting.

“This novel combines fast-paced adventure, a fascinating look at the background of a little-understood New Testament book, a lively, eccentric cast of characters, and a deeply spiritual reflection on our times. The MAMs — seven varied and offbeat women in a book club — embark on an unlikely quest to dig up the truth about an obscure first-century saint. In the process they encounter remarkable hurdles and opportunities, from a homicidal madman to scheming church officials to a revelatory archeological find. Their quest is mirrored by a first-century story of Thecilla, a fictional young woman who is portrayed as assisting John, the author of Revelation and taking his message to the churches. Some of the situations in this novel may strike a reader as implausible, but before you can worry much about it, the book is off to the next development in these parallel spiritual odysseys. The author gives the reader much to savor and to think about as the MAMs struggle to protect their controversial find and as Thecilla tries to make her listeners understand the true message of John’s Revelation.  Revelation in the Cave will be rewarding reading for anyone wanting a story that grabs your interest, while also probing into the true meaning of one of history’s most provocative texts. Most of all, the novel will challenge readers to reflect on their own spiritual journeys and how they can find truth in their own lives.” Steve Schlather, Yale Divinity School grad, Springfield, Ohio

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